I've never done a blog before.....please bear with me!!! I'm old-hat at Facebook, Live Journal (not so much Twitter, only use that for reading up on how Stephen Fry is doing!) and the such, but blogging in this format is a whole new thing for me!!
I'm a newbie to blogging, and a newbie to crafting.  I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007 (yet am still going strong and fighting).... Whilst I attended a day centre at my local hospice, I was introduced to the world of card making.  At first, I didn't really think I'd get into it, but now..... You can't stop me.  I like creating cards that are one-offs and especially like creating things that are special to people.  You can buy everyday cards from Clintons, but Hallmark don't make Cancerversary cards do they?..... (Cancerversary - Celebrating being on the planet for another year, instead of moping about on the anniversary of your diagnosis day)
I was fortunate enough to acquire a lot of stuff from a friend (thanks Debbi!) as she was starting out as a Stampin Up demonstrator... I got a lot of her older craft stuff, which really helped me kickstart my obsession.  
I'm currently loving making small cards with tiny stamped sentiments on them..... I admit I'm not loyal to just one make of crafting supplies, I'm a bit of a promiscuous crafter....taking a little bit from each area!!  I love a good bargain and like making fancy looking cards on a budget.
Once I have uploaded pictures of my cards I will add them onto here....