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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stuff & Things

My birthday was lovely on Tuesday. My hubby had booked the day off work without telling me - I opened my card from him at just gone midnight, to find a folded up holiday request form for the day off in there!!  As I'm so emotional at present (another chemo side effect LOL) I burst out crying!!

We went to Nandos (lemon & herb chicken and halloumi cheese heaven) then went to see Harry Potter. This was really a thing for my hubby, as he has read all the books and is quite into it. As a film goes, I thought it was ok....

My chemo side effects lead me to sleep in until 3.30pm today!! (Hence me still being awake at this ungodly hour)

Today I have made 2 x 60th birthday cards and a 10th anniversary card for friends who have put in orders with me.  Naturally I've taken photos, but out of respect for the people I have made the cards for, I won't post them until they've seen them!  To be honest, I'm quite chuffed with them.

I received a decent haul of crafting stuff this morning thanks to Ebay - lots of clear stamps including baby stuff, as there's a baby boom happening at present and I wanna cash in on it!!!

J xxx

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Cornwall Photo Post!

We went to The Eden Project on one of the days and I am quite pleased with some of the photos that came out.  It is a beautiful place and I would recommend it to anyone!!  I may even use some of the flower photos in my cards...... *ponders*

Long overdue update........

Well, where have I been? Mostly in hospital, but had a venture to Cornwall too with my extended family.... That was lovely.  The hospital part has been sucky - stays in Christies mainly.  They have changed my treatment yet again (started new regime yesterday) so we'll see in around 8 week time with a new scan to see if it's stemming my bone cancer....... Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Anyway, enough doom and gloom - Cornwall was AMAZING..... Fresh air, sun (for some part) and sea breeze - fish and chips, pasties, cyder farms and cornish cream teas - lovely way to live your life.

I've been lacking on the crafting front for the best part - having radiotherapy followed in quick succession with chemo kinda fries your braincells.... However, I have found a new lease of life in my crafting of recent, so once I get the damned stuff photographed I'll be updating on a regular basis!!

I'm also taking a few orders which is nice and positive - people seem to like what I do so who am I to complain?

J xxxx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Busy busy busy

Well, how busy have I been?  I made a lot of stock for my friend's shop (http://www.tasselsandtrinkets.net/) and a pack load of stuff for my friend's charity (http://www.sharonfoxcancercentre.org.uk/)....... I have had inky fingers for weeks!!!

I've also made a few personal cards for friends going through difficult times and for joyous occasions such as the birth of my new nephew!!! He was born early this morning and weighed just 2 pounds 11 ounces, as he is 9 weeks premature!! Given the family spirit from my husband's side of our clan, he will be a little fighter I am sure. I can't wait to meet him!!!

This is a photo lacking post, so I am sorry.... however I have a load of photos just waiting to be uploaded here on my camera's memory card...... I promise to get them up soon!!!!

Hope everyone is as well as can be!

Keep smilin' guys and gals......

J xxxxx

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo Post of the stuff from the last few days!

I have been a busy little bunny!  I researched the 'milk carton' box instructions from all across the wonder of the internet.... there's LOADS out there!!!  I put together a dummy run, and found these easier to create than I had first thought....

I handstamped some A4 sheets of card, with the fantastic Inkadinkado Clear Rubber Stamp Set *HEARTS & LOVE* and the large Friendship stamp from Stampin Up....

I made small cards that matched the 'carton' to go with them...

I also used some Glossy Accents on part of the stamped images, so they had a raised and clear glossy effect on them.  I also sprinkled some fine glitter on some of them.

I found that just punching a hole and threading some matching ribbon through ok, but I rather like the look of the bulldog clips (for sturdiness) so today I found some nice coloured ones as well as the standard black ones...in Wilkinsons for just £1!!!

Closer view of the first 3 boxes I made.  I love the Inkadinkado stamp range.  They are clear stamps, and although I have an acrylic block to use them with, I find that the upturned lid of an empty Ferreo Rocher box quite handy too.  Naturally I had to eat all the chocolates before I could use it..... *grin*

Close up details of the tag for the 'For My Love' blue set. I have inked the edges of the tag for a more distressed look, and used 3 globs of glossy accents to finish off the look.

Close up details of the pink and red 'Hugs and Kisses' box.  I have stamped the sentiment at the bottom, then restamped without inking 3 more times above it to get different shades of the ink. I have also used polka dot ribbon this and a small pink peg.  The peg isn't strong enough as has since snapped off, so I will be replacing it with a bulldog clip.

Close up of pink and black 'You & Me' box.  Again I have used Glossy Accents for the dots, and have used my funky scissors to create the scalloped look around the edges.
The pink ink used on this is Pixie Pink from Stampin Up.

A random mini greetings card I made whilst experimenting.  Those of you who are 'in the know' will recognise the dotted heart stamp from Stampin Up, and then the sentiment 'hugs & kisses' from Inkadinkado.  Glossy Accents again are used for the dots, with inking around the edge of the topper for the distressed look I seem to favour at the moment.

 These are close ups of the mini cards that accompany the 'carton' boxes.

I have really enjoyed making these, and from the feedback I have received from friends and family, I think these are going to stay and be a regular craft of mine.

I went to the day hospice today (http://www.justgiving.com/Mathew-Swift-Beardathon) and as they are always looking for craft things to make, I drew up a template for the 'milk carton' boxes. Some of the other patients made some too, with a little help from me with the fiddly sticking bits on it......

I would appreciate feedback on how you think I am doing....... and for the record, the box and card sets are for sale!  Message me at poannie_designs@ovi.com for more details.....

Hope you are all well and have a lovely day!!!!

J xxxx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Hi everyone...... I'm LOVING the stuff I am doing this week.  Got a load of new tear drop Memento inks this week (from http://http://www.handyhippo.co.uk) and am currently in love with the Inkadinkado Clear Rubber Stamp Set *HEARTS & LOVE*....... am producing lots of cards that are good for Valentines Day, but can be used all year round. I've also created 2 'milk carton' type boxes, at the minute just prototype gift boxes..... There's loads of instruction videos online, but I've kinda taken a little from each to make my own style.......

Pictures will be up once the netbook has charged properly!!!

Hoping everyone is well and as happy as they can be!!!

J xxx