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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stuff & Things

My birthday was lovely on Tuesday. My hubby had booked the day off work without telling me - I opened my card from him at just gone midnight, to find a folded up holiday request form for the day off in there!!  As I'm so emotional at present (another chemo side effect LOL) I burst out crying!!

We went to Nandos (lemon & herb chicken and halloumi cheese heaven) then went to see Harry Potter. This was really a thing for my hubby, as he has read all the books and is quite into it. As a film goes, I thought it was ok....

My chemo side effects lead me to sleep in until 3.30pm today!! (Hence me still being awake at this ungodly hour)

Today I have made 2 x 60th birthday cards and a 10th anniversary card for friends who have put in orders with me.  Naturally I've taken photos, but out of respect for the people I have made the cards for, I won't post them until they've seen them!  To be honest, I'm quite chuffed with them.

I received a decent haul of crafting stuff this morning thanks to Ebay - lots of clear stamps including baby stuff, as there's a baby boom happening at present and I wanna cash in on it!!!

J xxx

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