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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Long overdue update........

Well, where have I been? Mostly in hospital, but had a venture to Cornwall too with my extended family.... That was lovely.  The hospital part has been sucky - stays in Christies mainly.  They have changed my treatment yet again (started new regime yesterday) so we'll see in around 8 week time with a new scan to see if it's stemming my bone cancer....... Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Anyway, enough doom and gloom - Cornwall was AMAZING..... Fresh air, sun (for some part) and sea breeze - fish and chips, pasties, cyder farms and cornish cream teas - lovely way to live your life.

I've been lacking on the crafting front for the best part - having radiotherapy followed in quick succession with chemo kinda fries your braincells.... However, I have found a new lease of life in my crafting of recent, so once I get the damned stuff photographed I'll be updating on a regular basis!!

I'm also taking a few orders which is nice and positive - people seem to like what I do so who am I to complain?

J xxxx

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