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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lacking on this blog!!

I really do need to set a reminder to update this blog until I get into the swing of doing it automatically!!!

Lately I've been asked to make a variety of things for people, and when I can find the lead to my camera I can update you with the results!!  My favourite so fr has been a 25th wedding anniversary card for my friend's parents, where I used acetate as the card base!!!  I was nervous about using it, but it's actually a really easy medium to work with.  My next challenge I am setting myself is to make a gift bag out of some of it, using eyelets and ribbon.....

I've also seen on a crafting channel, laminating some fine lace to make a bag out of.... interesting thoughts on that one so it might be another challenge at a later date..... Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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